Olson Zalewski Wynner LLP collectively has over 100 years of legal experience, and has been in the Lincoln community since 1992. Effective May 1, 2016, we have a new location at 575 Fallbrook Blvd., Suite 100 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Our mission is to provide straight-to-the-point legal advice at affordable costs. We have established a flat fee structure for many categories of work. We believe a client should be given “plain talk” as to what his or her problem may involve, and the costs that we anticipate to solve that problem. While we cannot promise you are always going to get the answer you want to hear, we will promise you will always get an honest answer from anyone in the Firm.

Our areas of practice include Employment Law, Business/Real Estate; Family/Juvenile Law; Professional and Administrative Licensing; Estate Planning; Intellectual Property; Civil Litigation; DUI/Criminal Defense; State and Political Subdivision Tort Claims, as well as other related aspects of Civil Litigation and transactions. We want to be your advisors, not just your attorneys. It is often easier, and more economical, to fix a problem ahead of time, rather than to wait until a lawsuit is filed.

We look forward to meeting with you, and the opportunity to help you plan and/or resolve any legal issues that may be presented.